Mona Mitchell takes on the 2020 Chair role of the Board of Directors for White Ribbon.

White Ribbon is a charitable not-for-profit organization based in Toronto, created in 1991, two years after the Montreal Massacre anti-feminist attack. The organization works to engage men and boys to promote healthy and positive masculinity, gender equality, and to end all forms of gender-based violence. Through education, awareness-raising, outreach and partnerships such as the Men of Quality campaign in partnership with the Toronto Maple Leafs, White Ribbon works to inspire men to understand and embrace the incredible potential they have.


The Impact of Culture on Program and Project Performance

The attitudes and behaviours of project stakeholders and teams often get in the way of successful project execution.  Mona shares the culture benchmarks developed from her work with a global consulting organization.  Learn how to promote constructive behaviours within your project teams to help deliver superior programs and eliminate the barriers that impact project performance in today’s environment.






7 Elements of Strategy Execution Book

Creating a culture that will ensure strategy success

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