Project Management Training

ACHIEVEBLUE™ solution development training in project management provides dedicated service to organizations. The engagements begin with a detailed needs analysis, meeting with your Project Management Practice Leads and Learning and Development Specialists to translate your unique needs into a strategic, highly prescriptive tailored-to-you solution.

Our modular, 1 day format allows for minimal time away from the job, so critical in high intensity project situations. Your project management professionals can target precisely the just-in-time training they need, and apply it the very next day.  Our courses allow participants to gain and maintain their PMP® certification. ACHIEVEBLUE™ is a Registered Education Providers (R.E.P).

One trend we are seeing more of has clients engaging us to deliver project management training for business managers. This only makes sense. More than a dedicated discipline, project management is an essential skill for everyone who has to "run a project".

Front and Centre Training (FACT™)

You'll be amazed what you can learn in one day.

ACHIEVEBLUE™ Front and Centre Training (FACT™) courses are designed from the ground up to give you all of what you will actually use, and nothing that you don’t. Just the facts. Theory is mapped directly to activating professional ways of thinking and doing. Knowledge areas, tasks, techniques and tools are evaluated and presented based on their value. So you can select, apply and succeed. Bottom line: you get the right things right, the first time, where it really matters.

One day – one highly focused learning experience.

  • PM701:     Foundation Class in Project Management Essentials
  • PM702:     Team Leadership for Project Managers
  • PM703:     Foundation Class in Project Planning
  • PM704:     Foundation Class in Project Execution and Control

Try Us Out With a Test Flight™ Seminar or Webinar

Taken directly from our courses and conference presentations, Test Flight™ Seminars and Webinars enable you to target your learning needs with pinpoint accuracy. Designed for groups of 10 or more, these 60-90 minute sessions focus on high impact topics and learning that you can leverage immediately and for the long term. Learn more.

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