Changing Values, One Step at a Time

Are you ready for the ACHIEVEBLUE challenge?

What is your company’s personality? What sets high-performing, energized companies apart from stagnant ones? How do high performance companies foster an atmosphere of innovation, teamwork and excitement? Who do employees look to when deciding how open their company is to new ideas and new ways of doing things?

The answers are clear. Employees look to leaders, and leaders create new leaders. They accomplish this by leading by example and creating a culture of “what if?” When it is safe, when it is encouraged, and when it is rewarded, front-line employees, and frozen middle management alike will rise to the “what if” challenge. But they want to know, “If we know we can do better, is our corporate culture willing to accept positive change?”

Changing culture in many ways parallels farming. At ACHIEVBLUE we embrace that metaphor. Through our Business Analysis and Project Management services, we analyze and prepare the soil, forecast conditions, and plan for the future. In our Organizational Excellence training, we plant the seeds of change and introduce new tools. Our Team and Individual Excellence programs are the cultural equivalent of adding fertilizer and water so that change takes root and flourishes. And our Customer Service Excellence training is similar to harvesting the crop and gathering new seeds for the next planting.

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