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Supporting The Remote Workforce's Mental Well-Being

The average employee experiences 12 organizational changes per year, or about 1 every month.  Chronic exposure to change can have an impact on employees including change fatigue, stress, and increased frustration.  Remote working during a pandemic has impacted the mental health of employees.  Leaders continue to look for ways to increase support to help employees manage their stress levels. (source Gartner)

This one-hour session will provide key learnings and techniques to manage stress while working remotely and to gain insights into how as a team you can support each other during these challenging times.  It will address the following: 

  • Resiliency during uncertain times.
  • Staying mindful.
  • Dealing with job challenges while working from home.
  • Engaging with others while working remotely
  • Sense signs of stress both verbal and non-verbal.
  • Empower team members with trust freedom and flexibility.

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Fostering curiosity, creativity, and empathy to thrive in an age of rapid change


HR leaders: is innovation a priority this year? A recent Harris Group study showed that a culture of innovation is not just crucial to growing your business and profitability but also for attracting and keeping talent. Now’s the time to:

  • Maximize your human capital – and humanity – in an ever-automated world
  • Rethink those ‘same old same’ old HR strategies and introduce new and inclusive people-smart practices
  • Kickstart innovation, retention, productivity, excellence and diversity in your workplace

Join us to learn, network and trailblaze a new way forward at an exclusive event with HR executives from Ontario Power Generation, Brookfield Asset Management and Maple Lodge Farms.

You’ll enjoy a hot breakfast as our panel discusses innovation, empowerment and diversity through a strategic HR lens – sharing strategies for leading change through people.  Learn how to: 

  • Foster a culture of innovation and inclusion to maintain competitive advantage and capture mindshare.
  • Build a foundation of inclusivity to empower your people and unlock your human capital to thrive in an era of disruption.
  • Lead innovation through your people!

Panel Presentations:

Inclusion, Collaboration and the Science Behind Enterprise Success: How a major financial firm invested big in new scientific approaches to explore strong connections between cultures of inclusion & collaboration, and better business ROI. 

Pioneering Diversity – an Electrifying First at the Power Plant: How a leading Ontario energy provider, generated nationwide kudos with its first-ever diversity and inclusion strategy.

Championing your people: fostering innovation through great conversations: How this food processing leader shifted its focus from promotion for the few, to better dialog, feedback and mentoring for each and every member of the team to drive engagement and a culture of innovation.

Moderated by Mona Mitchell
President & CEO
ACHIEVEBLUE™ Corporation


8:00 am – 8:20 am Registration and Breakfast
8:20 am – 9:40 am Panelists Presentation and Q&A
9:40 am – 10:00 am Networking


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