Culture Transformation

Culture is sometimes referred to as the invisible glue for any organization and is often overlooked as companies strive for high performance.

In fact, your culture is visible every day to your shareholders, employees, customers and suppliers. Your culture shows itself in your ability to attract and retain the high powered talent,  the quality of your products and services and how accountable your team members are to achieve the organizations stated goals and strategy. Your business performance is, to a great extent, determined by your organizational culture. People drive business, and you want them to drive towards success. Improving culture is a strategy, and one that enables all other strategies. 

Start with the Best Tools. Then Know How to Follow Through

We start with world class culture assessments. These provide a complete quantifiable picture of your Ideal and Current culture; what is working and what may be keeping you from achieving the best results. But the tools alone won't tell you how to apply the data to your organization, your people and your challenges.  That's where we come in.

  • We map the assessment findings to your own vision, strategy, values, structures, roles, market drivers and organizational priorities.
  • We work with you to create a unique-to-you change program that can consist of strategic planning consulting,  executive and team coaching, process analysis and optimization and customized courses that provide critical leadership, management and project management/business analysis skills as appropriate.
  • We stay with you throughout the transformation process, coaching, advising and remeasuring as needed to verify progress and enable sustainable improvement against targets.

The Assessments

Built around a common model that maps 12 behavioural styles within three clusters, each assessment zeroes in on a particular aspect of culture. The assessments can be used alone in or various combinations to identify the specific areas you want to measure and target for improvement.

 Organizational Culture Inventory®

We utilize an Ideal and Current culture assessment. The OCI®-Current measures the current culture of an organization in terms of shared behavioral norms—that is, the behaviors that members believe are required to “fit in” and meet expectations. 

The OCI®-Ideal complements the current form of the OCI® by identifying the optimal or preferred culture for the organization. It assesses the behaviors that leaders and other members believe should be expected to maximize effectiveness and enable the organization to reach its goals. The result is a picture of the ideal culture based on shared values and beliefs — a benchmark against which the current culture can be compared to identify gaps and targets for change.

The Group Styles Inventory®

The Group Styles Inventory® assesses the way in which team members interact with one another and approach problems when working together. The GSI® enables teams to analyze their team culture and identify practical strategies for enhancing their overall effectiveness. 

Lifestyles Inventory®

The styles measured by the Lifestyles Inventory® are related to a number of indicators of effectiveness and success, including management effectiveness, problem-solving effectiveness, quality of interpersonal relations, individual health and well-being, and impact on organizational culture. The LSI® provides a lens that reveals the individual behaviours and attitudes that either promote or serve as barriers to high performance culture at team and organizational levels.

Customer ServiceStyles®

Customer ServiceStyles® provides a picture of how customers view the way in which your service providers approach their work and interact with them. The CSS® survey also includes measures of customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy. These service outcomes are viewed as “lead indicators” that provide critical insights into an organization’s long-term profitability and sustainability. Because the service styles measured by the survey impact these outcomes, the results provide insights about not only how customers feel, but also why. The “why” helps to pinpoint specific changes or improvements to customer service.

Download a summary of how ACHIEVEBLUE™ applies these assessments to your unique situation, then uses the findings to build out an action plan that enables the culture transformation that builds alignment to strategy and your success.

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