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Enterprise Leadership: from buzz word to best practices

Importance of Leadership TrainingIs your organization siloed or seeing the big picture? Are your staff compartmentalized or collaborative and cohesive? Learn what it takes to shift your organization into a high performance, enterprise leadership culture and why it matters in today’s marketplace. In Mona's recent article, she shares six insider secrets to implementing a successful Enterprise Leadership Culture.  Read More >>


The Importance of Leadership Training

Importance of Leadership Training

Are you setting up your best people to fail?  Most leaders have never had formal management training. They have simply been promoted as a reward for their hard work.  Providing opportunities for leaders to learn and develop these skills is key to keeping high-potential employees engaged while improving your bottom line.  Read More >>


Innovation and Inclusivity: The Way Forward

Small-i InnovationHighlights, Takeaways and Key Ideas from ACHIEVEBLUE's February 26 breakfast seminar: It was inspiring. Relevant. It was a packed room of HR executives soaking up the wisdom of leaders in the field.  Real-world challenges, insights and successes on the road to shaping more innovative and inclusive cultures were shared. Rather than the usual outside consultants, this event showcased the experiences of three top executives working on the front lines in leading companies. Three distinct work cultures revealed their secrets, stumbling blocks and recent wins. Curious about the insights they shared?   Read More >> 

How Small-i Innovation Helps Organizations Soar

Small-i InnovationFive ways to develop, champion and grow an "everyday" innovation culture: Is your organization abuzz about innovation - but unsure where to start? No resources or buy-in for big sweeping innovation culture change? In Mona’s latest blog, she shares her knowledge on “everyday innovation” – and provides steps you can take to shift your culture, one innovative employee at a time.  Read More >> 

Leaders: Why Blue Is the Colour of Great Workplace Cultures

Mona Mitchell at ProjectTalksIn November 2018, Mona brought a dynamic presentation entitled The Impact of Culture on Project Performance to TELUS’ sponsored ProjectTalks. In this informative blog, she breaks down the highlights and delivers some rich and savoury leadership ‘food for thought’ on how to drive more constructive workplace cultures – with the right colour in mind.  Read More >> 

The Gap Between Goals and Strategy Execution

 The gap between Goals and Strategy executionWhen working with our clients, I’m often asked, “What is the most common gap I see in organizations as it pertains to culture and what should be the focus to address this gap? This then leads to their next question “what would have the most impact on successful goal and strategy execution?”  Read More >> 

Connecting Culture and Strategy

 Diversity and InclusionWhat is the connection between culture and attaining strategic goals such as innovation, brand promise, talent attraction and retention, collaboration, employee engagement and trust in leadership?
Read More >> 

From Diversity to Inclusion

 Diversity and InclusionSometimes it seems that I have been working toward an inclusive and diverse workforce for most of my professional career. I started actively seeking out and recruiting female engineers in the 1980’s for a large technology company and continue, in 2018, to work with various Canadian organizations to enhance  Read More >>



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