Leadership and Management Assessments


Leaders and managers have a significant impact on those around them and on the culture of their organization. Their development is critical to employee engagement and organizational performance. Our change solutions can help you to identify the relationship between behaviors and effectiveness and build capability in the role. 

Industry-Leading Assessments for Leaders and Managers

Measure impact and effectiveness, as well as leadership strategies and management approaches, skills, and styles with our assessments for leaders and managers.

Leadership/Impact® (L/I)

Leadership/Impact® (L/I) is a 360°assessment provides managers and executives with unique insights into their personal leadership strategies — and the impact of those strategies on others’ behaviour and performance. The product of extensive leadership effectiveness research, this 360° feedback assessment for leaders is used by organizations worldwide. (Research by Dr. Robert Cooke)

Each inventory meets rigorous academic and psychometric standards and takes about 30 minutes to complete. Both are available online and on almost any digital device, as well as in hard copy.  The inventory data is processed electronically, and a confidential report is provided for the leader that:

  • identifies the gaps between the way he/she is perceived and the leader who he/she wants (and               needs) to be.
  • considers the implications for his/her colleagues and their organizations, as well as his/her personal       and professional performance

L/I provides valuable insights into your leaders’ influence and effectiveness, and helps them to confront and overcome their personal barriers to achieve outstanding performance — and ultimately the performance of their teams and your organization as a whole. It’s particularly useful for:

  • initiating and promoting leadership development
  • coaching individual managers and executives
  • evaluating your leadership development initiatives
  • promoting a healthy organizational culture
  • enhancing organizational effectiveness

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Management Assessment


Management/Impact® (M/I) is a feedback tool developed especially for mid-to lower-level managers and others with management responsibilities.

Internationally proven and aligned with best-practice academic and psychometric standards, M/I uses self-assessment and colleague feedback to gauge managers’ strengths and areas for development — a vital step towards ensuring their ‘fit’ with your organization’s vision, values, and strategies.

M/I will help you get the best from your management team, with a dual focus on their management approach and their effects on (and the behavior they encourage in) others. They’ll discover ways to improve their long-term effectiveness and influence, and ultimately strengthen their ability to meet your organization’s goals.

M/I is particularly valuable as part of initiatives focused on management development, personal development, cultural development, or organizational development. You can use it as the basis for:

  • initiating or promoting management development
  • coaching individual managers
  • evaluating your management development initiatives
  • promoting a healthy organizational culture
  • enhancing organizational effectiveness

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ACUMEN® Leadership WorkStyles

Research and development by The Acumen Development Team on the basis of research by Peter D. Gratzinger, Ph.D. and Robert A. Cooke, Ph.D.

ACUMEN® Leadership WorkStyles™ (LWS) helps self-motivated leaders strengthen thinking and behavioral styles that promote their effectiveness and moderate styles that prevent them from realizing their potential. LWS is a 360° feedback assessment and development tool for leaders that focuses on combinations of the twelve Circumplex styles and the way they interact to provide feedback on strengths and counterproductive tendencies. It provides the leader with a highly personalized narrative report on the implications of their styles for task accomplishment and teamwork, as well as suggestions for improving communication and project leadership.

 LWS helps executives, managers, and leaders who would like to develop and grow to realize their full potential.. It’s particularly useful for:
  • providing leaders with insights into their personal styles
  • showing leaders how their styles combine to shape their leadership performance
  • developing leaders’ capacity to monitor and modify their behavior
  • offering leaders feedback to help them develop into positions of greater responsibilities
  • improve teamwork and leadership abilities to enhance organizational effectiveness

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