7 Elements of Strategy Execution: Creating A CULTURE That Will Ensure Strategy Success

The Workshop

 Strategy Execution – Turning Your Plan Into Action

Your strategic planning is crucial to the success of your organization.  You must translate your strategy into a living execution plan that matters to employees; don’t just let it sit on a shelf.

This workshop will unveil a simple, yet important, framework to make strategy happen and achieve the results.   You will also walk away with strategies to optimize your organizational culture for strategy execution and business success.

 Program Outcomes:

  • What are the foundational 7– Elements to Strategy Execution
  • Understand how to create a strategy execution culture that will increase engagement, performance and deliver on your organizational goals
  • Understand the causal factors that impact strategic plan execution.

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The Book

Amazon Bestseller - Management & Leadership - Systems and Planning

Today’s marketplace requires an organization to execute goals and strategy flawlessly to stay competitive and agile. 7 Elements of Strategy Execution is about the execution phase of your strategic plan.

It provides insight into why most strategic plans fail and what can you do to ensure execution success. It also answers the question “Does Culture Really Eat Strategy For Breakfast” and provides lessons in how organizational culture speaks to the very real issue of “what is it like to work here, and what are the attitudes and behaviors required to drive the execution of the strategic plan”.

Mitchell and Barrett have pulled together years of research and customer engagements to present a succinct, to-the-point look at what we can do to better ensure our strategic plan is successful.

7 Elements of Strategy Execution provide insight and rare candor for large corporations, non-profit and small and medium-size business.

“It’s how your people think and behave—it’s your organizational culture

Reviews: Amazon

June 12, 2018

Mona & David's book provides an enjoyable, easy to digest model for filling the common gap between the definition & realization of strategy. Reading it reminded me a lot of Kotter's Leading Change. The authors have also provided many "breadcrumbs" for those who wish to take a deeper dive into any of the seven elements. I especially enjoyed the strong emphasis on the criticality of authentic leadership and transforming corporate culture to fit the desired strategic vision.
Douglas D. Land
June 14, 2018
This book was a timely and valuable read for me! In my coaching and training practice, I have found that a dysfunctional organizational culture is the single biggest hurdle to overcome. Mona and David give practical advice and great 'how to' steps to begin the process of building a culture that makes execution of even the most complex projects look easy. My first step will be to purchase copies for some key influencers within my client base. Thank you Mona and David


Finally, a book that tackles why good teams fail when achieving their strategic goals.  We spend so much time in our business focusing on building the plans and very little time on the execution of these plans and so often fail.  By reading 7 Elements of Strategy Execution you will get to the heart of why strategic plans fail and how you as a leader can truly weave your strategic plans into your organizational culture to guarantee success.  It will cause you to look at how you as a leader are impacting the culture and what you can do differently to drive the successful execution of the strategy, not just on the building of your strategic plan.  We have all created great strategic plans that end up documented and on the shelf, It is time to bring strategy into real action and to organizational success!

Ann Barnes

President & CEO, MedData

There are many theories on strategic planning, but David and Mona have written a practical book which clearly delineates the seven critical elements which will inspire your people with the desire to achieve your strategic plan resulting in effective execution.

Joseph Sherren, CSP, HoF,

International Business Transformation Expert

A book that talks about projects from the team member perspective. Why it is so important to have clarity in what a strategy is trying to achieve and how that clarity, or lack thereof impacts the entire teams performance. In a world, where the Agile methodology has taken hold, it is even more important to have clearly articulated, measurable targets for success. This book will show how to leverage those targets to build and motivate the team and ultimately deliver a successful project.

Dan Watt

Sr. Director, Large Program Enablement |Technology & Operations | RBC


7 Elements of Strategy Execution Book

Creating a culture that will ensure strategy success

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