The CULTURE IMPERATIVE: The Importance of Aligning Organizational Culture With Strategy

Organizational culture provides the underpinnings for the success or failure of an organization in achieving its strategic goals. As a critical component for success, organizational culture speaks to the very real issue of “what is expected around here; what are the attitudes and behaviours I need to fit in and succeed?” Either due to non-awareness or conscious discounting of its impact, many organizations fail to invest in creating and sustaining an organizational culture that aligns human capital energies with immediate and strategic organizational direction and goals. Instead, massive investments in policy, technical competency and reporting structures are pursued in isolation, with less than expected results. By identifying and correcting the gaps between current culture and one that enables achievement, innovation, talent attraction, development and retention and positive collaboration, organizations will be better equipped to realize their objectives and proactively shape their market space. 

The Culture Imperative provides you with key insights into:

  • Why organizational culture is the key to breakthrough performance that unlocks the potential of every other investment you make in your people, products and services?
  • How you can leverage your organizational culture to walk the talk on your brand promise and value proposition?
  • How can nurturing a constructive organizational culture make you an employer of choice in today's talent crunch, for both employee recruitment and retention?

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