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Take Command of Your Professional Development

You are a Learning and Development Specialist who is struggling to create a schedule of courses for a wide variety of people with different skill levels. You are a business professional who is juggling dozens of To Do items and can't seem to find the time to take even a day out of your schedule to get the training you really need now. You are a seasoned professional who needs a quick refresher on specific topics.

We understand. The ACHIEVEBLUE Online Learning Portal has been designed from the ground up to respond to these critical needs.

For Learning and Development Specialists and Human Resource Professionals:

  • The Portal fully integrates with all major Learning Management Systems for scheduling and tracking your learners.
  • Client Micro Sites are easily set up and populated with courses that have been customized for your organization.
  • Individual and Team Cohort learning groups can be configured and leveraged for advantage.
  • Scheduling your very busy people into training sessions is eased by allowing them to take the knowledge aspects of a course online, to be followed up with dedicated, instructor led learning activation workshops, live webinar "Office Hours" Q&A or business application coaching as appropriate.

For the Learner:

  • Learn on your own terms when you have the time, wherever you are, using your tablet computer or smart phone.
  • Access a library of supplemental learning resources, including frameworks, articles and courseware.
  • Have access to the same industry professionals who deliver our instructor led courses.
  • Collaborate online with members of your learning cohort.
  • Get up to speed right away with a simple, intuitive learning interface.


Now on the ACHIEVEBLUE Online Learning Portal: The Lead to Succeed Program

The Lead to Succeed Program encompasses four areas of concentration that together create a solid baseline for progress and achievement: Strategic Visioning, People Skills, Team Skills and Process Skills. Each of these core focus areas is elaborated into key topical areas that build competency incrementally.

Our goal is to offer these courses in the most flexible and scalable way. With the Online Learning Portal you can accelerate your learning by taking the online portions of the courses according to your schedule, any time of day and in increments that map to your personal needs.  Each course provides standalone value and can be taken in the order that links to your learning priorities. The online versions of the courses provide you with the theory and concept underpinnings you need to get you started. Then, to activate your learning, you can register in the cohort workshops scheduled by your organization with ACHIEVEBLUE. Here are the details for the online portions of the Lead to Succeed courses.

Knowledge Area Course Full Instructor Led Version Online Component Only
Strategic Visioning Vision Process 1.5 days 4 hours
People Skills    Managing to the GAME™ Plan 4 hours 1 hour
Effective Delegation 4 hours 2 hours
Coaching 4 hours 1 hour
Providing Feedback 4 hours 1 hour
Team Skills   Change Leadership 4 hours 1 hour
Proactive Conflict Management 4 hours 1.5 hours
Collaboration and Teamwork 1 day N/A
Process Skills  Continuous Improvement for Managers 2 days N/A
Continuous Improvement Orientation for Staff 4 hours 3 hours

For more information on the Lead to Succeed Program, click here.


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