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Mergers and Acquisitions

Certificate in Post Merger Integration

A Partnership with Schulich Executive Education Center

This 5-day immersion program is designed for individuals and intact teams charged with leading the people side of Post-Merger Integration.  The program has been configured as a set of projects that focus on the first 100 days following the official launch of the new organization. As such, best practice tools and techniques from the business analysis and project management playbooks are woven into the body of the program.

During the first 100 days, you will be the project manager and chief business analyst, leading and coordinating the work of a team of professionals focused on understanding the requirements unique to the situation and building success the first time through with a coordinated set of deliverables that demonstrate measurable and sustained value.

Because you need much more than numbers and theory, the entire program has been architected to map proven principles and practices to the creation of action plans that you can use for immediate and long term advantage. Using extensive templates and action item checklists, you will work with a group of peers from different industries and market sectors, all of whom have been charged with integrating the people side of a merged organization. Through a dynamic combination of presentation of best practice, teamwork and individual study you will create a tailored-to-one plan for Post-Merger

Who Should Attend

  • Executives and managers of teams joining together or impacted by a merger or acquisition
  • Human resources professionals in merged organizations
  • Project managers
  • Members of the post merger integration team
  • Anyone planning or undertaking a merger or acquisition

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Why Assess Culture and Leadership: Pre and Post Merger

Based on statistics that 83% of mergers fail to realize projected synergies and gains, our contention is that when different organizational cultures meet, what gets lost is a shared sense of how the work gets done that is carried by an organization’s culture.  No matter which culture was the acquired and which was the acquirer, the mixture often creates a breakdown.  People are accustomed to doing things in certain ways and it's not always obvious to them why it is that “they do the thing they do” in “the way they do”. 

A Culture Profile describes the Current culture’s strengths and vulnerabilities and the impact leaders are having on the current culture. Our research has shown that organizational culture is one of the lead indicators of long term effectiveness.

With the above statistics, executive teams are recognizing the value the role of Culture and People in the Post Merger Integration success to ensure that their merger or acquisition is not part of the 83% failure.

Pre and Post Merger Culture Assessment

Our assessment represents a credible, unifying approach by providing a common language and vision for benchmarking organizational culture.  Our recommendations include qualitative and quantitative measurements of the Ideal and Current culture profiles with each organization.  We will determine how closely aligned the Current culture is to the Ideal culture profile and what the gaps are to enable the integration of the merged organizations.

Our program helps leaders, managers and employees to understand both the Ideal culture for both organizations and the Current operating culture profile of the two organizations to determine the gaps between the two. To obtain this profile, ACHIEVEBLUE™ will use its Organizational Culture Ideal and Current Diagnostic tools.  

To learn more call us 416-236-3005 x. 201 or email

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