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Leadership Development

C-Suite Leadership Development

Your organization’s operating culture represents the combined impact of attitudes and behaviours of its leaders.  There’s no denying leadership’s role in determining how well (or how poorly) a team member performs. The cumulative impact of each leader’s day-to-day actions is what brings success or setbacks.

To be effective, leaders need to know if what they’re doing (and how they’re doing it) is moving the organization forward.  This requires understanding the influence or impact they are having on their direct reports and others.  It moves to understanding how this impacts the performance of the team and what needs to change.

The Program includes the following:

  • Self Assessment using a world renowned research based assessment tool
  • Individual Feedback of Assessment Results and Coaching
  • Leadership Retreat including Peer Coaching
  • Develop Peer Coaching Groups
  • Conduct a stakeholder mini survey pulse check after 6 months

For more information on how to get started please call us at 416-236-3005 x. 201 or download program outline  ACHIEVEBLUE Vision Program Outline

 Lead To Succeed Program

The NEW Lead To Succeed Program, designed for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) as well as large enterprises will help leaders meet those challenges head-on. The Lead To Succeed Program will help organizations to:

  • Focus their business on a compelling, measurable, strategic vision
  • Develop the people management skills of their leaders
  • Develop the organization’s business process improvement and innovation skills
  • Increase the quality and the outputs of cross-functional and intact teams
  • Ensure front-line employees are kept, not only informed, but inspired and engaged.

The Lead to Succeed Program encompasses four areas of concentration that together create a solid baseline for progress and Our goal is to offer these courses in the most flexible and scalable way. For more information on the Lead to Succeed Program, click here.

 Active Leadership 2.0™ Program

The Active Leadership™ program provides leaders at all levels with the skills and tools required to coach and empower direct reports to higher levels of business performance. Comprehensive and insightful, Active Leadership™ shows you how to become a Vision Leader, leverage effective communication for results, delegate effectively and become an empowering coach and mentor for employee development.

For details on the Active Leadership™ download our program brochure Active Leadership 2.0 Brochure 2012


Change Leadership Program

Change Leadership program is designed to provide leaders with insights into the complexity of initiating and managing change as leaders of teams or organizations. It reviews the three facets of change leadership that must be dealt with in order for a leader to effectively and successfully lead a team or business through a transformational or major change. These practical approaches and concepts can also be used to deal with day to day impacts of change. The course uses self assessment and group activities to activate the learning.

For details on the Change Leadership download program outline ACHIEVEBLUE Change Leadership Program Outline

The Vision Program

Organizational vision is not just about where an organization sees itself in the future. An effective, actionable vision speaks to the core identity, values and value proposition of the organization today. For details on how to define a strategic vision that uniquely positions and drives marketing, sales and service for real results.

The Vision program is delivered as a structured, facilitated immersion learning program that enables you to create compelling and actionable strategic organizational vision. This encompasses your core identity and values, the creation of a value proposition aligned to the unique needs of your marketplace and customers,identification of key resource focus areas,how and when you need to measure success, and how to communicate and support the vision with employees, suppliers, customers and shareholders.

Next Steps Call us at 416-236-3005 x. 201 or download program outline  ACHIEVEBLUE Vision Program Outline

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