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Culture Change

The Culture Imperative

Culture,  the invisible glue for any organization,  is often overlooked as companies strive for high performance.

Improving culture is a strategy, and one that underpins all other strategies.  Like any strategy that is worth prioritizing, it starts with measuring your “Current” culture against the “Ideal” – the “Ideal” as defined by the leaders and the “Current” as defined by the employees

Our Quantifiable Approach

Using the world class instruments from Human Synergistics, we provide a complete quantifiable picture of your Ideal and Current culture, what is working and what may be keeping you from achieving the best results. We use these instruments when we are working with clients on:

  • Mergers and acquisitions to see the similarities and differences that may affect the acquisition.
  • Leadership Development to understand the prevailing leadership style and impact on others.
  • Engagement to understand the factors that are positively or negatively impacting the workforce.
  • Measuring the outcomes of your activities to see if there is a cause and effect from the development initiatives being used.

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Our Clients

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