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Winning with Transglobal Leadership

Operating and expanding business units offshore, selling in foreign markets and managing global supply chains are just three of the many challenges that emphasize the importance of leaders that can transcend borders. Winning with Transglobal Leadership will help prepare your organization to meet this need head-on with a framework for developing and training leaders that best fit your global growth strategies. The book combines insights from a global team of author-experts. Together, they draw on an impressive range of resources—extensive original research, interviews with world-class high-performing executives, and decades of combined experience as senior executives, researchers, and consultants—to deliver an easily implemented process for assessing your organization’s global capability and developing the leaders who will drive success. Inside Winning with Transglobal Leadership, you will find:

  • Guidance on measuring and evaluating your organization’s capacity to compete globally
  • Five behavioral dimensions that global leaders need to develop
  • Keys to assessing leadership candidates early in their careers
  • The “Transglobal Leadership Matrix,” a tool for taking stock of your own skills and behaviors

At a recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, numerous CEOs in attendance cited a growing need for talent that could function successfully in new and emerging global markets. For leaders and managers, HR and training specialists, or anybody doing business today, Winning with Transglobal Leadership is the definitive handbook on satisfying the demand for specialized leadership skills—now and in the years to come.

“ Linda has really helped me shape my thinking about talent and how  to bring out the best in our talent strategy, she is a trusted advisor and has  been invaluable to me” -Nazneen Razi, Executive Vice President Human  Resources, Jones Lang LaSalle

“I have worked with Linda on critical culture change  initiatives and she is one of the best in the business in designing and leading  cultural change that lasts.  She is a fabulous presenter and keynote  speaker.” - Dr. Robert Cooke, CEO and Director, Human Synergistics.

"This book is a must for creating a sustainable talent advantage." - Michael Vavakis, Group Head of Human Resources, Lend Lease


Optimizing Talent

The vast majority of organizations are searching for the magic "bullet" to improve talent.  Research and experience drawn from extensive work with Fortune 500 companies have led Dr. Linda D. Sharkey and co-author Dr. Paul H. Eccher to the conclusion that most organizations still come up dry in their attempts to develop a sustainable system -- let alone one that allows for talent practices to be as well articulated and clear as most other operating mechanisms within companies.

This book provides an integrated framework for diagnosing talent optimization gaps and is a call to action for leaders at all levels  of the organization to make talent optimization a top priority every day.  Business leaders, managers, HR and Talent practitioners will learn to think strategically about people through insights into:

  • Actions that allow sustainable business results to be garnered from improved talent management systems
  • A Talent Optimization Framework (TOF) enabling an integrated approach to talent management and human capital
  • Tools and strategies proven to enhance performance, reduce costs and align processes
  • The connection between a good talent system and a company's bottom line

"Linda Sharkey is one of the greatest leadership development professionals and executive coaches I have ever met." Marshall Goldsmith, Best Selling Author and Top Executive Coach


"Linda and Paul have captured in their book what it takes to build a competitive advantage through a world-class talent management approach.  It is great to learn from two real pro's in the field."

Jay Conger, Professor of Leadership studies, Clarement McKenna College and author of Growing you Company's Leaders and Building Leaders

 Coaching For Leadership

This third edition copy is written for today's coaches who are challenged with the task of combining concepts for various disciplines in order to help their clients, especially high-potential leaders, learn and succeed. In this sense, coaches have to become discriminating eclectics, developing a keen sense of judgement to select which ideas are best woven into their coaching method and which concepts are best to ignore. Some of the world’s greatest coaches present their thought leadership including: Marshall Goldsmith, Paul Hersey, Dave Ulrich, Linda Sharkey and many more.

"It's the best collection of writings and writers on executive coaching."

Warren Bennis, Distinguished professor of business administration, University of Southern California, author, "On Becoming a Leader"

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